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World Cat Football
is here!


2.022 Sand Cats have stolen the abilities and features of the best football players of the world. How they evolved is a mystery. Are you going to missing one of the best and amazing projects?? Join our community and be part of them!

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Why World Cat Football

Let’s build togheter next generation of NFT

Profits for holders

Holders could win money in World Cup Qatar 2022 with our games and challenges. Up to 40.000$, airdrops and more and more things coming


Our holders will be able to decide the future of our collection. We believe that great decisions will be take together

More to coming

We are not going to reveal all that we have in mind for our project. We only can said that this train is only pass one time in your life. Don't miss it.

Creating the project

We push forward our idea and start creating the art, our website, social media channels and all the resources that we will need to keep you up to date with all the steps of the project.


Build Strong Community

Art of NFT will be finish around 15 of September. During the whole month we will put all our effort in create our community


Build and building

The focus will be to create a community and spread the word about our 2022 cheeky Sand Cats collection making it popular in the Social Networks. Yes, you should be thinking we are so ambitious! And so we are! Also, we’ll generate the collection and start to create hype for our Cat Game and challenges during the World Cup of Qatar that will allow our holders to generate profits and enjoy playing.


Mint and Cat Game in Qatar World Cup

The mint of the collection will be placed at the beginning of the month. When the Qatar World Cup starts, we will open our game with all the holders. The holder of any of the little cheeky and naughty Sand Cats could earn up to 20% of the total price raised from the sale collection. This means that up to $40.000 will be unlocked for all of them!


Finish Cat Game of Qatar World Cup

Our Cat Game where our holders could earn up to 20% of the total price raised from the sale collection will end on 18th December 2022. But this will not be the end of the utilities of our collection. We have more surprises hidden in our little cat paws.



Beginning the 2024 year we will reveal our roadmap for the next 12 months. Partners, Metaverse, airdrops and more to coming...

2024 roadmap
Meet our team

The cat team

We are working hard to build a great project with an amazing community of football + NFT lovers.







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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other question fell free to reach de admin in our discord group or send us an email

World Cat Football is a NFT collection that want to build an amazing community around the sport king. By owning a Sand Cat NFT, you become a part of our community and get access to all our benefits.

Each NFT will be unique and provide metadata that provide access and serve the community and, of course, to all the utilities that are associated with the NFT.

Holders will have a fun & cute piece of art, plus access to our close-knit community, giveaways, discounts with our future partners, and more.

2.022 NFT in commemoration of the year of the Qatar World Cup

The network will be communicate soon. Will be chosen between Ethereum or Solana.

The price of every NFT will be TBA.

NFT will be one of keys to the Metaverse. That's the reason why holding one of our sand cat will allow you to have a lof of advantages but also in the real world. 

Each NFT will be different, unique and provide its own metadata.

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