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Our vision


And the day came when the Sand Cats got tired of wandering in the desert and decided to put on their boots and play soccer. Excited with the arrival of the World Cup in Qatar, these cute and wonderful little animals have decided to make the leap to the metaverse and earn a place in the NFT community. So, they’ve copy the physical traits and abilities of the best current players and the best in the past

The Sand Cats want to create a meeting and discussion place for NFT and Soccer lovers where they can share their knowledge. To do this, they have racked their brains to create a community that is capable of uniting an emerging technology such as NFTs and one of the most followed and traditional sports in the world; football.

To achieve this, they are willing to leave their soul on the pitch to please the holders who join the team. Our challenge begins with the World Cup in Qatar but will last well beyond the great soccer event.

Regarding the network that will be used for the mint, we are talking with our Sand Cats if will be Ethereum or Solana. Will decide in the next days.

Let Messi, Neymar or Mbappe tremble because the Sand Cats have entered the pitch to stay!


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