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At World Cat Football NFT we have created a unique 2022 NFT collection generated through an algorithm with a total of 96 different characters that has the Sand Cat as the protagonist of our art, which does not lack any type of detail related to the beautiful game. we’ll reserve 22 NFT for giveaways and marketing purpose.

The vast majority of the elements that our art can have are directly related to football. Hairstyles of famous soccer players or former soccer players, football balls or mythical fooball boots are some of the most representative accessories that will be present in our art.

The first great use case that the holders of the collection will have is to participate in the game that we are going to start with the start of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. We want football fans to experience this great event in a way that they have never done before. done. For this reason, we are going to allocate 20% of all the money raised from the sale of the collection to reward all the holders who participate in this game full of challenges. In case of achieving the ‘sold out’ of the collection, a total of $40,000 can be won by our holders during the celebration of the World Cup, otherwise, it will be the proportional part of the sale made.

But our mission will not end with the completion of the most anticipated sporting event of the year. And it is that, having a ‘Sand Cat’ is going to be full of utilities. Among them, we are going to allow our holders the possibility of achieving a whitelist of the most important NFT projects that arise and that have the greatest projection, as well as they will have the opportunity to benefit from the partners that we carry out. These partners will be from the real world and will mostly be football related. And of course, Merchandising!

In this sense, 50% of the royalties obtained from sales in the secondary market will always be directed to games and challenges so that our holders continue to earn money just by having one of our NFTs in their hands. The rest will go to the development of the project. We have a lot things in our mind.

Our great objective is to create a healthy community where we can share our great passion: soccer and, in turn, can benefit from all the partners that we achieve as the community becomes stronger.

We have always thought that a good community should be responsible for making any type of decision. That is why we are going to create a DAO in which World Cat Football holders can decide the most important initiatives or decisions that affect the future of the collection.

Also, we know that our Sand Cats are so cute…  how are we going to let go of the possibility of being able to use them as avatars in the Metaverse? We imagine them playing in our own soccer game 3 against 3 where we can win our own cryptocurrency with airdrops for our holders. Although this, we leave it for the 2024 roadmap

We also do not forget that the world needs a lot of help and, therefore, we will donate 5% of everything that is obtained in the mint to a charity.


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